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My Spy: The Eternal CityThe BoysCobra KaiThose About to DieTwistersThe AcolyteDeadpool & WolverineStrange Tales of Tang Dynasty II To the WestHouse of the DragonJustice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths Part ThreeHorizon: An American Saga - Chapter 1LonglegsKingdom of the Planet of the ApesInside Out 2Strange Tales Of Tang DynastyDescendants: The Rise of RedImmaculateLady in the LakeThe Dead Don't HurtDespicable Me 4

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Vikings: ValhallaCobra KaiStar Wars: The Clone WarsThe CrownBridgertonLuciferStranger ThingsPower RangersOrange Is the New BlackAll Hail King JulienDragons: Race to the EdgeDisenchantmentLongmireThe GentlemenGrace and FrankieThe Last KingdomSweet ToothHouse of CardsTrollhunters: Tales of ArcadiaSupacell

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The Roundup: No Way OutExhumaScarlet InnocenceConcrete UtopiaThe ChildeThe Gangster, the Cop, the DevilParasiteTrain to BusanHard HitThe RoundupProject Wolf HuntingThe Witch: Part 2. The Other OneAlong with the Gods: The Two WorldsThe Man from NowhereBallerinaDecision to LeaveOldboyProject SilenceThe HandmaidenThe Killer

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Inside Out 2Despicable Me 4The Garfield MovieDescendants: The Rise of RedBad Boys: Ride or DieBeverly Hills Cop: Axel FDeadpool & WolverineInside OutThe Fall GuyIFMigrationPAW Patrol: The Mighty MovieWonkaPoor ThingsSpace CadetDestroy All NeighborsToy Story 2The Super Mario Bros. MovieWhite ChicksDescendants

Action Movies

Despicable Me 4Furiosa: A Mad Max SagaKingdom of the Planet of the ApesBad Boys: Ride or DieBeverly Hills Cop: Axel FMonkey ManGodzilla x Kong: The New EmpireBlack NoiseBoneyardDeadpool & WolverineCivil WarTrigger WarningTwistersOut of ExileThe Last KumiteThe Fall GuyxXxMigrationAtlasJustice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths Part One

Romance Movies

Poor ThingsSpace CadetAnyone But YouA Family AffairThe Idea of YouHerculesElementalCinderella II: Dreams Come TrueHit ManDescendants 2Love Lies BleedingTitanicTwilightUpgradedMe Before YouFly Me to the MoonChallengersThe Little MermaidAm I OK?CODA

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Bad Boys: Ride or DieMonkey ManThe ExorcismBlack NoiseBoneyardTrigger WarningA Quiet Place: Day OneIn a Violent NatureTwistersOut of ExileAlice in TerrorlandxXxThe WatchersTyler Perry's Divorce in the BlackNo Way UpBad Boys for LifeImmaculateFast XWrong Turn 5: BloodlinesSe7en